Thursday, January 08, 2009

woodsy realm...

I have been slowly working towards making the kids' room looking cute. their bedding matches, and they have curtains which is nice but there is still a lot of white wall to look at and i'd like to add more color.
anyway, I had put up the strip of cork board from the start but just never found the right thing to decorate it with. So in October I made these...

little owl collages on some of the cork squares. It was really fun to do, cutting them out of cute printed paper and figuring it all out etc...

My thought now is how to incorporate more of the woodsy feel into the rest of the room to round out the theme. I have a couple ideas milling about in the think tank so we'll see what develops!

I only just put these up the other day because we've been so busy that I had almost forgotten I made them (oops). So it was fun to see the children enjoy them once I did hang them up. they both like looking at them and Gwennie always wants to touch them.

one thing that will add to the look are some new pillow cases they got for Christmas from my dear mother. She embroidered four, one for each of her grand babies.
Gabriel's has a buck with large antlers and on the back side a little bunny with his name and such... and Gwen's has a darling squirrel and on the back a little mouse tea party. I promise to post pictures of them soon, but it's late and so I'm not doing it now. :P

I'm on the look out for some new bedding for Gabriel that will still compliment Gwen's but be a little more boyish and woodsy...any helpful links would be appreciated! :) his 4th is coming up at the end of the month so I was thinking it'd be a nice gift.
Anyway, that's one thing I made in the past months and had yet to share. more still to come though! :D