Saturday, May 31, 2008

~Thrice concert~

this past Thursday my beloved husband and I were able to attend a Thrice concert along with all of my dear siblings and their significant others. (all except poor Edward, he was all alone, sniff sniff....) That was really the best part, just seeing everyone, hanging out all together etc...
There wasn't much talking since the music is quite loud and rowdy. (in a good way!)
One of my favorite parts was watching the men folk in the crazy pit.
We had a nice little seating area that was off to the left of the stage and raised up a bit above the main floor. it provided a great view of the stage as well as really being able to watch the crowd.
There were several crowd surfers, one girl in particular who almost got dropped on her head at least twice. but she must have been enjoying herself for she was up there a lot....either that or her friends found her annoying and so just kept hoisting her on the crowd....not sure.
Anyway, it was fun to watch our men,
my own dear husband was unable to participate due to an injury that he could not risk making any worse. but my brothers and future brother in law as well as my little sis' boyfriend were all out there. Sadly at the very end of the last song poor Cody got his hat ripped off his head and thrown into the crowd. :( we were all disappointed at that, but thankfully that was the worst it.


Thrice was of course the main reason for the concert,
And well worth it too.
Their music is innovative and interesting
and their lyrics are meaningful, often sharing biblical truths or scripture itself.
I quite enjoyed their performance!
Pelican was the group which played right before Thrice,
they are instrumental and there fore no lyrics,
however it was still fun to watch them perform and i did like their sound.

Circa Survive
and before them was Circa Survive....
hmmm where to start...
well, they were certainly entertaining i suppose.
The lead singer was extremely odd in my opinion, I felt certain he was possessed at moments, lol, but then perhaps i'm just way too sheltered!
either way, i spent most of the time laughing and the rest of the time praying....

And finally, although they played first....
Aushua, a newer group.
I enjoyed their music a lot and hope they continue to gain fans and make more music.
I felt bad that the crowd was so dull,
Heather and i tried to get them into it but no one seemed to be interested. :(
well, we liked them anyway.

That's about all i can think of for now, I'm kind of tired, probably shouldn't be blogging while tired,
so if you're reading this and it's boring or you can't understand something that is why. :)

Sunday, May 04, 2008

my little ones....

So I figure it's about time to update my blog,
and since my life is all about my children these days that's what you get!
Here is Gabriel with the unstoppable duo,
"Woody and Buzz"!
Here is Gwendolyn climbing the stairs,
A new accomplishment, but one that only ever goes so far.
She always gets to the second stair and then gives up.Gabriel snuggling on the couch...watching "Bob the Builder" of course!
Gwendolyn playing,
her smile can brighten any day!
Ahhhhh, sleeping children, who doesn't love that?!
Though this little hand ought to be captured forever.
For all to soon it will grow and change,
These are all from yesterday, we played and played and they went straight to bed! :)
My little man,
Love his little feet!
He's my little monkey!
Gwen was quite interested in this rake.
I think she played with it most of the afternoon.
She sits like this a lot!
My little lady :)
look closely at the upper right hand corner,
note the tongue,
He gets it from his papa :)
(neither Nathan or i stick our tongues out while concentrating)
Awww, are we done already?
sorry no more pictures for today...