Thursday, January 29, 2009

recent projects...

I recently made a much needed trip to the fabric store in order to make Gabriel's cape, seen in the previous birthday post. I also picked up some patterns and some fabric and notions to work on some other projects. here are the two I finished so far.

I'd been wanting to make Gwen some jammies and finally got around to it. I had some trial and error with the pattern but it was good because I learned several new things and now next time I'll be prepared! I've learned that in sewing you can't get discouraged if you have to pick out your stitches and start over.

The button holes were completely new to me and rather fun to make! And just so you know, when I told her I was going to take her picture she promptly went and got the stool to stand on and then posed as you see here in the photos. such a difference between boys and girls! :)

I look forward to using the pattern again though as it has a lot of options and variations of P.J. ensembles.

My next project was to use the vintage fabric my mom gave me for Christmas. I've been wanting to make a cute apron for awhile now and thought this fabric would be perfect. plus there's enough of it to make something else as well! :)

I used trimmings I already had which was fun, and it has lovely deep pockets which I love! bonus...I got to try my hand at button holes again and they turned out even better on this than Gwen's night gown. For those of you who might be wondering, my sewing machine is old and doesn't do button holes.