Saturday, April 07, 2007

slowing down

well, once again it's been awhile. life has been a little crazy in our house the past month or so. we have been preparing for 6 months without daddy. as well as getting ready for a baby girl, due to arrive while daddy is gone. it's been an extremely emotional past two weeks especially. but god is getting me through them day by day with a faithfulness one can only expect from him. today we had a little easter egg hunt just me and gabriel. tomorrow we will be with friends all day and i don't really know what they have planned so i figured we'd do our little things a day early. at just over two it's fun to watch him getting all excited about it. :) we didn't even color eggs last year. anyway, the picture is on the day daddy left. it's still sinking in that i won't see my love for so long. we are hoping that they will be able to fly him home for a week or two when the baby is born but it's not set in stone so who knows! either way, i'll still be delivering without him by my side to hold my hand. i'm really not looking forward to that. but i figure that 1000s of women have done it before me so i can do it to! anyway, now that life is settling into a slower pace and it's just me and the little man i'm hoping to get some art done. it has been so long since i've really just sat down and enjoyed creating. i also have a few projects to tackle in order to get the baby room ready. she will have to share with her big brother for awhile so it's limiting me as to color scheme. but i have some fun ideas and now just have to make it all a reality. hopefully now that i'm not as busy with the husband i'll be able to keep up with my blog. :)