Wednesday, January 07, 2009

So, long time no blogging for me...
but that's ok, life got busy and it's more important than this online stuff anyway right? :)
We had a wonderful Christmas holiday, getting to spend it with family on both sides. these pictures were taken at my parents home up in Hume Lake. we were taking a chilly winter walk. Gwen got to be pulled around in this darling old sled which my mom used to pull me around in. :)

I think she enjoyed it a lot, but poor thing I never did find little mittens to fit her so we had to use socks and the didn't really do well, her little hands were icy cold by the time we made it back. Thankfully children don't seem to react to temperature the same way as we adults do.

And here is Gabriel walking with his beloved papa, (my dad) He's so in love with him that just today as he was playing with his pretend cell phone and I overheard him talking to papa about going sledding. :) so cute!

well, I'm husbandless this week so I promise to catch up on some blogging! till then...