Tuesday, January 02, 2007

with a new year comes new life

well world, i have shamefully neglected my blog for quite some time now, however i do not feel the least bit of remorse knowing that no one really reads these anyway right? :) after a very quiet thanks giving my husband and i prepared to be away from our sandiego home for the entire month of dec. he had to go out to see for three weeks, during which time i went home to my parents in beautiful hume lake nestled in the sierra nevada mountains, in the middle of the giant sequoia nationl monument. we had a wonderful time and enjoyed many days of sitting around doing nothing much but visiting, eating and playing. we went sledding and did at least five puzzles. Gabriel had a wonderful time other than a cold which wasn't too bad. his favorite person is papa (my dad) who played with him almost every spare moment he had. :) he is now very spoiled and is having a hard time going back to "normal" life, meaning it's just mommy and daddy again and he has to play by himself some of the time. i also enjoyed some time alone with sisters and friends, all of whom i've been missing for so long. at the end of three weeks however i was very ready to see my husband again and to go home, however home was not to be our destination yet. the day my husband arived we spent with my family and celebrated my neices 2nd birthday. the next day we spent with my mother in law and her christmas guests. and the following day we made our way to santa maria to spend christmas and a few days with my father in law and that side of the family. again we had a good time but i was very ready to go home. saddly on the day of our departure we had not been on the road but maybe two hours when we had a casualty that delayed our getting back on the road until about 8 hours later!!! and so we arived home exhausted and have spent the last few days resting and of course doing laundry and cleaning and putting away all the stuff we got for christmas. most of which was for Gabriel. :) so we are home, and life is slowly getting back to normal, i miss my art and am anxious to find some time to get back into it. my husband is working tonight and i think i'll dig in after gabe gets to bed. but add to all this the fact that i have my bible study starting up again next week and i have 3 lessons to catch up on! ( bad naughty me i have been really lazy and enjoyed not having home work during my daily devotions) and we are excitedly preparing for a new addition to our small but growing family. the new member i speak of is at the moment growing within my belly. and at 11 weeks i am occasionally sick and very tired whenever much energy is exherted. but we are, as i said before, very excited! well i supose i've rattled off long enough. but i must admitt that i enjoy talking to nobody. :)