Friday, February 27, 2009

The skirt...

I made a skirt, awhile back now, but never got around to blogging about till today.
I found the fabric at Joanns and liked it for it's warm wintery look but it's actually fairly cool and light weight. which is helpful when one lives in San Diego.

I'd been wanting a full length skirt for some time and so decided now was the time to make one. it's a full circle which is fun but makes me want to spin and twirl about the house all day. :D I also learned a new technique with the waistband which is done with grosgrain ribbon so that was fun! And the more zippers I put in the better i'm getting at it which is always nice.

so there you have it, my skirt.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Life is keeping us busy these days. But I wanted to share this with you all cause I think it's adorable!

A family friend passed on a ton of girl clothes for our Gwennie bean and in the bag were a couple pairs of shoes. Gwen immediately spied these pink boots and has since worn them every day! We had already noticed her love of shoes after taking her to Payless to pick out some winter shoes. But this just confirms it, things like shoes and truly is just ingrained in us as women to love them! even when we're 1 1/2 and can't hardly talk yet. :)
So thanks Lily for sharing your pretty pink boots with Gwen, she loves them!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gabriel's birthday part 2

Well I meant to post these a lot sooner but life seems to be busier and busier lately.
I had also fully intended on taking more pictures but the afternoon flew by me before I knew what was happening!

We had a great time though, Gabriel loved playing with his friends, they ate pizza and got to have ice cream sandwiches for dessert which is what you see on their faces. :D

I was trying to get a pic of the four of them, (gwen was crying and not into it by this time) and this was the best shot we got. from left to right:
Gabriel, Max, Charlie and Ellie