Thursday, July 31, 2008

our dear little Gwennie girl has yet to really walk, though she has been known to stand on her own without aid of hands for furniture, and even took her first steps just a few days ago! (though she has yet to do so again)
She doesn't crawl either though.
we call her the knee walker...

last weekend we went to the beach. We didn't feel like being around too many people so we went down to the military strand where the seals train.
(forgive my hair it was rather humid and windy!)

Gabriel found a live sand dollar
this was actually just the first of many, we found more still living than we did dead.

We also found several of these tiny orange sea anemones, the picture doesn't do the color justice, they were bright orange , like hunting safety gear!
anyway, they were well camouflaged to the kelp cause my God is cool like that.

Gabriel also found several small shells and rocks while we explored.

And Gwen was quite into the sand dollars...she even tried to eat one! :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

baby apron

Well yesterday I was in a sewing mood but since it's been awhile since i've really made anything I decided a little project would be best.
And so, you get a baby sized apron! :)
It was fun to figure out how I was going to piece it all together with the ruffles and straps etc...I put snaps on the straps so i can adjust them easily. in fact even though it fits perfect i have to redo the snaps already because it rides up her belly and then the straps fall down...
Can't wait till she starts walking! Now I just have to find a pattern and make her a white dress to go with it!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Lego Land!

This weekend we went to Lego Land.....

Gwen was NOT into having her picture taken...

But Gabriel was a little more friendly....until he tried to steel the guys hat...

which was glued to his head.

We found ourselves in a tiny D.C.

Gabriel was fascinated!

He especially liked the trucks and cars driving around.

We also saw Las Vegas,And New York City!

I think one of Gabriel's favorites though was seeing Thomas,
and Bob the Builder!

OH, and riding the train of course too!

Monday, July 14, 2008

learning the basics....

Our little Gwen, being in the first years of life, is having to learn so much that we big people take for granted. Her latest endeavor of independence has been to use utensils.
You can see her concentration....
Brother Gabriel wanted in on the picture taking...
Then she resorted to her hands...
Or why not just eat straight from the bowl? :)And in case pictures just aren't enough here is some video!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Birthday Girl...

Warning, there are a lot of pictures in this post!

Yesterday we celebrated the first year of Gwendolyn Marrin's sweet and precious life!
Here are some recent pictures i've taken of her over the last week...
As for her birthday party,
we started with present opening...

She enjoyed looking at her card and her new bible themed flash cards
And her new "baby" since we lost the old one,
this time it's a small pink elephant!
she wasn't so sure about this one though...

Ah, clothes!

Gabriel made himself useful
she liked the clothing tags

And then, the cake!
which is topped with my own first birthday cake topper!

she was excited and liked us singing....actually i was the only one who sang but whatever!
the tentative touch
still not completely sure
maybe a bigger bite?
then the sugar began to set in....
Over all it was a good first birthday cake i think! :)

We love you Gwenny Girl!
We are so thankful and blessed that God has gifted us with your life!