Saturday, September 30, 2006

time flys when you're having fun

well so maybe it can fly when you're not having fun too but i always liked the expression. the month of september has flown by so quickly in my little world! (i say little because i am mostly just home with my baby and hubby) i think it got extra busy because i started bible study at the begginning of the month. which means that i have to be making phone calls every week and am out of the house two mornings in a row. it's been really good though, we are studing joshua right now and will continue through judges ruth and the samuels. it's so in-depth i'm learning a ton! i have also been creating a lot more lately! which is fantastic! i have been so inspired by so many fellow bloggers/artists out there that i realized i wasn't doing what i love most nearly enough. and if i truly loved it i would make time for it. granted, summer was hot and who wants to concentrate on anything when it's hot. (we don't have air conditioning, just ceiling fans) plus my hubby was gone a lot so i went to my parents a few times always for a fair chunk of time. but now we are here for awhile and since my hubby is still gone a lot i have more time to myself. to be honest i would much rather be doing stuff with my beloved than anything else but since there's nothing to be done about that i'll just create art! like i've stated before, my best creations come from depressing emotions. anyway, i have recently started to make an art journal. it's turning out better than i thought it would and i am really enjoying the process. :) i can't wait till it's completely full of my art/thoughts. i will try to remember and take some pics of some of the pages tonight and maybe i'll get them on here by tomorrow. anyway, one of the projects i did in the past month was making cards. it was a nice break from getting my fingers dirty. (a commmon ocerance when i am creating) i used some new stamps my mom gave me on my birthday, and took advantage of those wonderful double sided sticky squares for scrapbooking. here are some pictures... i made 10 toltal these are just some of them.

Friday, September 29, 2006

expressing emotions

so first of all sorry i acidentally posted the same pic before. :( oops! anyway, this is how i'm feeling right now... (i know that technically i don't know what emotion she is feeling but the look on her face seems to mirror mine.) my hubby just left for over a week long trip out to sea. it was kind of last minute too because he was supposed to stay here but then the captain decided he had to go. :( so now i'm all alone with gabriel and he doesn't talk much. i feel lonely and sad. :( i think i'm going to have a pity party.
i hate being alone, and yet there are moments that i need it. but i especially don't like being away from my husband. it's just too bad that he's in the navy and has to be gone a lot huh? but i think i will try to use my emotions to create art, since that always seems to work. i find that some of my favorite pieces came from a moment of intense sorrow, pain, or frustration. so i will just try to chanel my loneliness this time too.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

so i've been pretty busy lately doing what i don't even knoe. l0l! but i have been able to clean my house and get some stuff like that done. :) which always makes life feel better in my opinion. the two things that seem to be never ending in my chore list are dishes and laundry. (the dishes are my least favorite to be completely honest) anyway, in view of cleaning i decided to share this collage i made for my mom with you all. i made it on a whim when i came across the old Tide add in a 1949 good houskeeping magazine. then i looked through and found a couple others. the tide one stuck out to me though because my mom has always used tide and now out of habit i use it too! :)

Monday, September 25, 2006

so our computer has been having some trouble connecting to the internet which is why i haven't written anything lately. but i've also been fairly busy. my husband had to work this weekend so i cleaned the house and tried to do some art but i just wasn't in the creative mood. so instead i watched a couple movies and was lazy! i did do some sketching but nothing too exciting since i'm not a very good artist in that media. :)
here's something that's making me sad though. i have been hearing about artfest over and over in the altered artist blogging world. it seems like "THE" weekend workshop to go to. problem is it's in washington state, which means i'd have to fly. and it also costs a lot just to go anyway. i mean yes you are getting a lot so i'm not saying it's over priced, just that there is no way i could ever aford it! and if that wasn't enough it's on the last weekend of march. which is when my husband will be deploying. :( so basically, instead of going away on a trip to make new friends and learn more about altering things etc... i will be sad and depressed because my husband just went away and i won't see him for 6 months! (tears!) do you have any idea how sad that makes me feel? not that you even really care but it is very disapointing!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

His grace is sufficient

my little muchkin is growing up so fast! he is almost 20 months, which means in only 4 short months he'll be two! i can't hardly believe i am the mother of a child let alone one who's almost 2 years old! anyway, i am very happy with the situation none the less. :) he is such a precious gift to us and i couldn't be more in love! i took this picture while we were going to the park, (he loves stairs! ) i thought i'd share it with the world since it's so adorable. on to other things. my bible study has kept me pretty busy which is why i haven't found much time for art or blogging lately. my hubby is working this weekend though so i'm hoping to find some time to create in the middle of mommy stuff and the much needed cleaning of my house. :) in honor of cleaning, here is a little collage i made for my mom out of old adds for laundry soap. i loved that there was a Tide one because my entire life growing up that's what my mom has used. :) hope you like!

"my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." -2 Cor. 12:9

the verse that really spoke to me today. :)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

relaxed and in another world

i just finished watching pride and prejudice (the new one with keira knightley) it has the most beautiful no gorgeous soundtrack! i really do think i shall have to buy it! so relaxing and so emotional. i love emotional music! anyway, the movie itself is also great. although i still love the A&E version. i decided i must just look at them as two different movies entirely. well yes this is short but that's all i have to say today for now. :)

Friday, September 15, 2006

Marie Antoinette

i am so excited about the new "Marie Antoinette" film coming out in october! i have been trailing it's progress ever since i first found out it was being made, which was sometime in april. being a huge movie costume fan especially with historical films this one looks to be extremely promising! here are just a couple pictures that i like. but to be honest i can't just put a couple of my favorites on here so i'm putting four. :)

creative inspirations

i was recently inspired by one of the greatest stories ever written and made into a movie; "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen. i love love love the book and have watched the A&E version countless times since i bought it on dvd. but recently i have been dying to watch the newer version with keira knightley. so i made my husband run to blockbuster and rent it. :) anyway, after watching both versions within a couple of days of eachother this is what emerged. two small collages each with a line from the book. the first one being; "he's handsome and wears a blue coat. " which i later found out i got wrong for it really goes; "he's very handsome and wears a blue coat." o-well right? :) anyway the second one is; "for a single man in possesion of a large fortune must be in want of a wife. " oh i just love that line! :) lol, and so there you have it. i used clippings from a 1949 "good housekeeping" magazine my mom gave me for my birthday. it's filled with the most amazing adds for dishwashers and refrideraters! as well as lots of little adds for the best panty-hose, shoes and girdles! absolutly fantastic! there are several things that have given me ideas of whole collages i could create! oh but there is just not enough time in the day to do all the things one would like. well to continue on....this next picture is of a mini matchbox i
altered. it was fun to do and conveniently only took one afternoon mostly while i was waiting for the paint to dry. :)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

this piece took me almost a year. mostly because i had a few large interuptions. first i had a baby and then we moved. but it was my first large piece of art so it was a loving and lesson learning endeavor. this next one was a valentine i made for my husband. :) i used some old lace and a broken piece of jewelry that was my great grandma's. in my other one i used some sheet music that was from my great grandma's collection of "Etude" music magazines dating from as early as the 1920s! i love that i am getting to use things from my family.

a new chapter

recently i have much enjoyed reading other's blogs. so today on a whim i decided i'd have my own. though it's doubtful that anyone would care to read it, as i am no great writer. mostly it will just be a place to think out loud, post pictures and art, repeat back to you favorite quotes and poems, tell you of my current emotions....etc.
i enjoy expressing myself through art. my current passion is altered art, collaging , and the like. i am continually amazed by the talent of others, which then leads to ispiration. i also have a passion for movie costumes specifically historical films. the most recent obsession being the up-coming marie antoinette film! in all honesty i believe i was born into the wrong era and was really meant for a time when women wore beautiful gowns and it was part of your upbringing to learn how to dance. since that is not the case however i will leave it at that. to continue on, i think the best part about altered art is that you are recreating someone's creations. when you use an old photograph that was taken by a photographer. when you use books, someone wrote it and thought it was brilliant! when you use so much of what is known as ephemera it was at some point a product of someone else. and you take all of those things cut them, tear them, paint on them and create your own expression. i also like that you are using things that someone else would see as nothing and probably just throw away. lastly i love that there is no specific right way in which it should be done or how it should look.