Saturday, November 01, 2008

trick or treat.....?

To start our Halloween festivities we took a trip to the pumpkin patch. where surprisingly Gabriel chose a small pumpkin...

Gwen was grumpy and spent most of the time in the wheelbarrow or in my arms.

Gabriel too enjoyed riding in the barrow,

And of course Bunny went a long too!

After getting home we began the fun part!

Gabriel wasn't so sure digging into a slimy pumpkin was fun so shortly after this picture was taken he says, "ok, all done!"

He then watched daddy finish for him...

And quite enjoyed the finished product!

He carried it around the house, kept it in his room at night, it was his little buddy!

Here is the night shot...

And this one is mine.

And here is Nathan's, he fashioned it after a Tongan mask he brought home from one of his deployments.

Now we get to the best part...COSTUMES! Gabriel got his face painted for his scarecrow costume and here we have Gwendolyn checking her brother out.

Here is the whole look, the shirt was almost too small but still fit, however I think he would have been more comfortable if it were bigger, o-well, he looks darling!

He was very into the face paint and even slept in it cause he wouldn't let me take it off! lol :)

Then it was Gwenny's turn to get done up,

this was the only time she carried her basket, but it looks cute!

Then like every darling girl who's all dressed up she had to roll about on the floor to properly brake in the outfit.

one of the few we got of her once at my friends house, she was pretty shy.

And she wanted up, always up...

Then the rest of the night was about like this! well, only if she wasn't being held by mommy that is, sigh... my poor little insecure shy baby (I know how she feels!)

And wonder of all wonders we actually managed a group shot! the only ones missing were Gwen and my friends little tiny one who was a pumpkin, very precious!

Then the madness began! this was Gabriel's first time so it took him about two houses to figure it out.

At every door he left saying "goodbye, go to ring the door bell!". I honestly think he was more into the doorbell ringing than the candy!

And there you have it! it was a fun evening. even though Gwen was completely done in by the end of it, over all it was a success! :)