Sunday, October 01, 2006

late when i'm tired

so it's almost 11 pm, i don't think i've stayed up this late in a long time. but i always have a hard time sleeping when my lover is gone. but that wasn't really the reason i was going to write. i did take a pic. of one of my journal pages entitled "yourself". i had a lot of fun watching this emerge, it turned out even better than i'd hoped. see, since i have never made an art journal before i didn't really know what i was doing so i just kind of winged it. i used elmers glue to stick pages together for thickness. i later got a tip that glue sticks don't leave wrinkles in the pages. my pages do have wrinkles which is why i wasn't sure how they'd turn out. but in the end i used some walnut stain ink and the wrinkles made it so much more interesting! also this is the first thing i've ever done where i put wings on some one. i always liked it when i saw other people do it but never found the right thing to make it work with. anyway, i had fun and that's all that matters right? :)