Monday, October 23, 2006

mood movie

i recently got to go and see Marie Antoinette. my loving husband stayed home with the baby on a sat. morning so i could go which was very sweet. :) and since i love to see movies alone and like to get away by myself once and awhile it was really nice! i wasn't dissapointed with the movie really. though i do have to admit that i wasn't really expecting it to be all that great. (other than the amazing costuming of corse!)
i also must confess that i have been known to see and judge a movie entirely for it's costume. this was no exception. anyway, you are wondering where i'm going with this. it was a sad film, such a boring life they lead, with nothing to look forward to, no real reason to live other than to have children. now by all means i think having children is wonderful i just think that there is also more to life. and then even though they stop well before the end of MA's life you know that she is going to die...again, very sad. but i thouht it was beautifully done and kirsten was amazing! she has always been a favorite and didn't let me down. :) but all in all my favorite part was of course the costumes, a feast for the eyes it was indeed! i have been drooling over pictures for some months now so it was fun to see them and more on screen! here are my favorites so far....