Saturday, September 30, 2006

time flys when you're having fun

well so maybe it can fly when you're not having fun too but i always liked the expression. the month of september has flown by so quickly in my little world! (i say little because i am mostly just home with my baby and hubby) i think it got extra busy because i started bible study at the begginning of the month. which means that i have to be making phone calls every week and am out of the house two mornings in a row. it's been really good though, we are studing joshua right now and will continue through judges ruth and the samuels. it's so in-depth i'm learning a ton! i have also been creating a lot more lately! which is fantastic! i have been so inspired by so many fellow bloggers/artists out there that i realized i wasn't doing what i love most nearly enough. and if i truly loved it i would make time for it. granted, summer was hot and who wants to concentrate on anything when it's hot. (we don't have air conditioning, just ceiling fans) plus my hubby was gone a lot so i went to my parents a few times always for a fair chunk of time. but now we are here for awhile and since my hubby is still gone a lot i have more time to myself. to be honest i would much rather be doing stuff with my beloved than anything else but since there's nothing to be done about that i'll just create art! like i've stated before, my best creations come from depressing emotions. anyway, i have recently started to make an art journal. it's turning out better than i thought it would and i am really enjoying the process. :) i can't wait till it's completely full of my art/thoughts. i will try to remember and take some pics of some of the pages tonight and maybe i'll get them on here by tomorrow. anyway, one of the projects i did in the past month was making cards. it was a nice break from getting my fingers dirty. (a commmon ocerance when i am creating) i used some new stamps my mom gave me on my birthday, and took advantage of those wonderful double sided sticky squares for scrapbooking. here are some pictures... i made 10 toltal these are just some of them.