Thursday, October 05, 2006

missing home

so i am sitting here drinking some sleepy time tea,(my favorite)it has been one of those days when you just need someone you love and know well to talk to. my obvious first choice would be my husband who cannot be reached when out at sea except my e-mail. the second my mother who isn't answering her phone right now. and that is pretty much where the list ends because i just don't know enough people "really" well. and the kind of thing i need right now requires that kind of "knowing". :) the reason is that i am just feeling a little worn out and stretched thin. i've had bible study the last two days which is always nice but there are a couple down sides. one being that my son goes through mommy withdrawls after not having his normal morning mommy dose. and the other being that i'm really not a big people person yet i'm a facilitator of a "small" group of 18 women. which means that they all look to me! aghh, run away! lol :) and since my lover of a husband has been away not only have i missed him more than normal but i also got a flat tire, and gabriel is getting his mollars in, very painfully i might add! so i just need a good warm hug and an ear i can complain to.
on to the art! i made this for my mother this may as a mother's day gift. the picture is of my grandmother(her mom) in highschool. this very same grandma is the one my mom named me for. AnnaMae :) i decided to use the green shade because she has been redecorating her room and is planning to paint the walls a pale "bamboo" green. her bathroom is also a pale shade. so i though these would work the best. i found the quote online. "the most important thing she'd learned over the years was that there was no way to me a perfect mom and a million ways to be a good one." -Jill Churchill
so there you have it. my mother's day collage in the fall. :) but hey, i'm missing my mom right now and can't just jump in the car to go visit so this will have to do.