Friday, September 29, 2006

expressing emotions

so first of all sorry i acidentally posted the same pic before. :( oops! anyway, this is how i'm feeling right now... (i know that technically i don't know what emotion she is feeling but the look on her face seems to mirror mine.) my hubby just left for over a week long trip out to sea. it was kind of last minute too because he was supposed to stay here but then the captain decided he had to go. :( so now i'm all alone with gabriel and he doesn't talk much. i feel lonely and sad. :( i think i'm going to have a pity party.
i hate being alone, and yet there are moments that i need it. but i especially don't like being away from my husband. it's just too bad that he's in the navy and has to be gone a lot huh? but i think i will try to use my emotions to create art, since that always seems to work. i find that some of my favorite pieces came from a moment of intense sorrow, pain, or frustration. so i will just try to chanel my loneliness this time too.