Monday, September 25, 2006

so our computer has been having some trouble connecting to the internet which is why i haven't written anything lately. but i've also been fairly busy. my husband had to work this weekend so i cleaned the house and tried to do some art but i just wasn't in the creative mood. so instead i watched a couple movies and was lazy! i did do some sketching but nothing too exciting since i'm not a very good artist in that media. :)
here's something that's making me sad though. i have been hearing about artfest over and over in the altered artist blogging world. it seems like "THE" weekend workshop to go to. problem is it's in washington state, which means i'd have to fly. and it also costs a lot just to go anyway. i mean yes you are getting a lot so i'm not saying it's over priced, just that there is no way i could ever aford it! and if that wasn't enough it's on the last weekend of march. which is when my husband will be deploying. :( so basically, instead of going away on a trip to make new friends and learn more about altering things etc... i will be sad and depressed because my husband just went away and i won't see him for 6 months! (tears!) do you have any idea how sad that makes me feel? not that you even really care but it is very disapointing!