Tuesday, September 12, 2006

a new chapter

recently i have much enjoyed reading other's blogs. so today on a whim i decided i'd have my own. though it's doubtful that anyone would care to read it, as i am no great writer. mostly it will just be a place to think out loud, post pictures and art, repeat back to you favorite quotes and poems, tell you of my current emotions....etc.
i enjoy expressing myself through art. my current passion is altered art, collaging , and the like. i am continually amazed by the talent of others, which then leads to ispiration. i also have a passion for movie costumes specifically historical films. the most recent obsession being the up-coming marie antoinette film! in all honesty i believe i was born into the wrong era and was really meant for a time when women wore beautiful gowns and it was part of your upbringing to learn how to dance. since that is not the case however i will leave it at that. to continue on, i think the best part about altered art is that you are recreating someone's creations. when you use an old photograph that was taken by a photographer. when you use books, someone wrote it and thought it was brilliant! when you use so much of what is known as ephemera it was at some point a product of someone else. and you take all of those things cut them, tear them, paint on them and create your own expression. i also like that you are using things that someone else would see as nothing and probably just throw away. lastly i love that there is no specific right way in which it should be done or how it should look.