Friday, June 12, 2009

busy and boring...

So today was busy but I wasn't doing much to interest really. I mailed a box full of microwave popcorn to my beloved because the kind they have on the ship is "nasty". I cleaned the bathrooms, played with the kids, did dishes, put some random, sitting around the house needing to be put away, stuff away. We went to Lowes and used our rebate card to purchase paint for the living room. So hopefully by Monday I'll be posting pics over on everyday home of my new gray living room!
ya, so that's about it for the interesting blogability of my day. however so this post isn't completely dry I thought I'd share some of how my weekend will be. One of my beautiful sisters, Emily, is coming down in the morning to spend the weekend with me. Hopefully we'll get some painting done but honestly, if we sit and talk the whole time and don't get a thing done that's fine too. :D The only down side to the whole thing is we've been wanting to do a sister weekend and it hasn't worked out yet. so I'll miss having my other girls there as well. :(
So, why the Sephora picture you ask? well our friend Jessica is getting married in a month! So we're going with her tomorrow to Sephora to get some wedding day bridal make up! I'll get some great girly time in and be kid free for a few hours!