Thursday, October 16, 2008

sewing, sewing, sewing...

Well, I finally made it to the fabric store and got the necessary things to finish up Gwen's costume. I was also able to get stuff to get started on Gabriel's.
He decided to be the scare crow (or snow crow as he says it).
so, here is the little felt hat... which he's wearing sideways...

And then I took an older pair of cords he has that had been accidentally bleached playing in some water and added colorful patches.

And now I'm waiting yet again to go to the fabric store to finish the top as I inevitably always forget something! But I was already in a sewing mood by now so today I made this P.J. shirt from some old t-shirts of my husbands. Now just to find some cute plaid flannel or something to make some bottoms to go with it!