Thursday, October 09, 2008


This is Bunny, Gabriel's pal and constant companion. When he was little his comfort object was a small cow, but last year we left him at a friends house and he ended up staying there for about 3 weeks. which is apparently long enough for a three year old to detach from said toy. Last Easter his grandma P. gave Gwendolyn a soft bunny which Gabriel took a liking to immediately! And so began the friendship of Gabriel and Bunny.

They do everything together and Gabriel is very much a big brother and/or parent to Bunny. Characteristics I hope he'll come to implement upon his sister soon. :)
He reads books to Bunny, tucks him into bed, dresses him some times, sings to him, and makes sure he's well taken care of if the need arises to do something that doesn't include Bunny. Making brownies this morning for instance.

I recently felt the need to document this because I know that too soon he'll grow up and grow out of this kind of play, which is normal and right in it's place. But I do want to cherish and keep as much of it as I can. Childhood is a magical time, full of learning and imaginary realities. I love that as a parent we are able to nurture creativity and a love for learning, by stepping back in time to be a child again ourselves.

for instance, did you know that I am a wonderful train track engineer? Well I am, I have been building train track configurations for at least 2 years now and my creativity is always much needed. "I want this piece mommy, I want this piece!"...How do you use every single piece of train track you own and make it all work? wouldn't you like to know?! lol
Thankfully, as my little man is growing up he's becoming a very brilliant engineer himself and only needs my help here and there these days.
And when not building trains he's learning how to care for Bunny, share with Bunny, love Bunny and all the things he'll need in order to be a loving father one day, Lord willing. :)