Monday, March 10, 2008

my blessings

Earlier today I was sending quite a few pictures to my husband.
I try to do this fairly often while he is away so he can enjoy watching his children grow and change as much as possible despite the distance.
I was looking at picture after picture of these two adorable, beautiful children that God has blessed us with and was overwhelmed by the responsibility!

This is Gabriel,
Gabriel is full of laughter and smiles, he has a wonderful imagination;
only yesterday as we were driving i asked him what he saw out the window and he replied that he saw, "sleeping lions".
like any child he has his moments of disobedience, although lately they have been more frequent.
His current difficulty is staying in bed. I find that underneath it all there is an incredibly strong will. One that I must confess he has inherited from myself.
So I guess it's only right that I must contend with my child on this issue, as I am sure I did to my own wonderful parents.
The challenge lies in shaping that will into something that loves and glorifies the Lord!

This is Gwendolyn,

At 8 months old she is all smiles and giggles, and loves to eat!
I find myself wondering, as I watch and learn more about Gabriel each day,
"What is Gwendolyn going to be like?"
I would venture to say that she, like her brother will be full of life and laughter.
but what will she really be like?
What things will capture her interest? Will she be into "girly" things?
Will she love the Lord with all her heart, soul and mind?

I certainly hope so, with all my heart! And that is just what I meant when I mentioned being overwhelmed by the responsibility as a parent!

It is my calling to teach God's word to my children, talking of it when I am sitting in my house, and when I am walking, when I lie down and when I rise!
All to the hope and prayer that they may one day know him personally as Lord of their lives, and serve him faithfully throughout.

And so, I am thankful that God has blessed me so richly with precious human lives, I am humbled and honored that he finds me trustworthy of the task.

And I am eternally greatful that He has promised to be with me every step of the way, always just a prayer away. So thankful that he gives us our own parents as well as others to pass on their wisdom and insight, so that whoever seeks may find, and that in finding we may grow.

I end with this,
My deepest responsibility to my children is to live my life loving and honoring God.
For there is nothing greater I can give than to live by example,
therefore I must truly follow and worship and serve my heavenly father every day, every waking moment. That is my true calling, that is all that really matters,
that I love him with all my heart, and all my soul and all my mind!

He is teaching me so much about himself and my relationship with him through this miracle of being a mom.