Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It's a long one....

Well, it's been some time since I have posted so i have a bit of catching up on life to do.
To start, my husband is still away and I miss him a lot!
(isn't he cute! this pic. is old but I love it!)

Shortly after he left we headed up to our beloved Hume Lake.
The day we arrived it began to snow and dropped quite a lot, I should have taken a picture of it then , however, it was rather cold outside and i chose to stay by the fire in the comfort of my home. :) But Gabriel and his papa braved the elements in order to keep the porch free enough to walk on. We could hardly bring him inside despite the Blue lips. :) Perhaps kids don't get cold like we do. lol! As you can see, it was quite a bit of snow.
While there we celebrated Gabriel's 3rd birthday with the family, cousins etc...He loved having everyone sing to him! We hadn't done anything big party wise yet.

Here they are, the elder of the cousins,
Avery Bay the oldest by about a month, Isaac who's only 10 days older than Gabe, and Gabriel.
After the party we went sledding!
What else happened while we were gone? well, my little sister Erin turned 18! She is on the left, on the right is my other sister Emily, aren't they both beautiful! :)
ok, maybe a little goofy too but they make life fun!
We took pictures with great grandpa! This is only half of his brood of great grand babies!
Here is Gwendolyn with her great grandpa and cousin Zachariah

She figured out how to get up on her knees!

And had her first taste of baby food... hmmm, maybe not so great?
Gabriel practiced his piano...
or at least enjoyed banging away:)

And we discovered he has a gift for imitations....lol!
Now we are home and have been busy with daily life.
but hey, Gwen decided that baby food wasn't so bad after all!