Saturday, March 08, 2008

I have recently started another blog devoted solely to costumes. however, i am having trouble figuring out how to post pictures. therefore until i get it all sorted out i am going to put my posts on here since i have many ideas and thoughts on the subject. :) and so, here is my newest thought....

A year or two back my parents gave me an older used book on historical fashion. Most of it is on the early fashion designers from the 20s on up. however there are some pictures of gowns, and clothing from even earlier.
Yesterday I was perusing this book when one dress stuck out to me.
It is from 1885. Granted it is a lovely gown and from one of my favorite historical periods but why was it so familiar?
Turns out it has striking resemblances to the red Ball gown that is worn in the masked ball sequence of "Van Helsing".
It made me wonder if perhaps this gown was inspired by the other?
I may never know but is certainly seems like a plausible inspiration to me.