Thursday, March 27, 2008

dress form!!!!

My dress form came in the mail today!
I ended up getting the "Uniquely You" after doing some research and deciding what i'll be using it for most.
Of course i'd still love to get a "cute" one some day, to showcase costumes etc... but for now this is functional!
and by functional i mean i can now make myself costumes and clothes!
well, almost....
the thing is, with a "uniquely you" dress form you have to fit the cover, seen below, to yourself and then you squeeze and squish it onto this foam core.
and wala! you have a dress form custom made to match your body!
so until i have someone to come and help me fit it to myself i won't be able to actually use it.
but i'm still thrilled that it's here!

Now i just have to think of something to name her....