Thursday, January 31, 2008

Going Home

I am heading up to my home "town" tomorrow! this is what it looks like in the summer. but don't worry, i'll bring back lots of fun snowy pictures! :) Gabriel is especially excited to play in the snow, be with his Papa and see his cousins. Well, until I get back, grace be with you!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

tut tut

It's raining..... I love it!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My little family

Well, today was somewhat sad. My beloved had to deploy again. However thus is military life and I am determined to overcome! :)
We had been meaning to take a family picture ever since Christmas but it just never worked out and I kept forgetting.
Last night we stayed up till 2 am getting things ready for him to leave and spending time together.
Then we got up at 5 am so he could be at his ship on time.
And so, here we are, 5 am family picture!
I really insisted we take one since once he comes home Gwendolyn will be a different baby. They grow so quickly in the first year! oh and it is flying by!
I feel like I'm going to blink and we'll be celebrating her 1st birthday.
But enough of that, it just reminds me to slow down and take it all in, enjoying every moment and every stage of life.
And as for my husband leaving, I have some things to work on, larger projects etc... to keep me busy. As well as a trip home to see family.
And so even though I am feeling a little lonely about now, just knowing I won't see him for so long, I am happy and blessed just the same!
Thank God for peace which passes all understanding! :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Today was my little man's early 3rd birthday.
Daddy is leaving on deployment and will miss it so we are celebrating a little early.
He enjoyed spending some time with his daddy in the garage. They both have an obsession with tools. :)

We did cupcakes as all children seem to love them!

He was so excited to eat one!
He had been talking about it all day. I made them while he was napping.
When he came down and was working in the garage with daddy he came into the kitchen about every 2-3 minutes to tell me about his birthday cupcakes. :)
Oh the joys of childhood!
Daddy liked his too!!! lol

So did I! :)

And now for the presents! We didn't do much due to Christmas and the fact that he's having a party with grandparents and cousins in a few weeks.
I love that he knows what to do with gifts now. :)
Here he is cuddling the sock monkey i made him.
I made one for baby sister Gwen for Christmas and he loved it and always talks about it and wants to play with it so i figured i'd better make one for him too.

And here are the cupcakes in a bowl with milk that i ate after he went to bed.
probably shouldn't have had them but they sure did taste yummy!
And hey, my official Diet/Workout plan doesn't start till my hubby leaves anyway!
Well that's all for today, off to bed now.

Monday, January 14, 2008


So today I decided to make something with an old sweater of mine. It was an interesting process but I enjoyed having to think it through and figure it out. :) so here is the finished product!
and here is dear Gwendolyn, with her daddy, wearing her new hat; I hadn't done the mittens yet.
We will be making a trip up to my parents soon and they have snow so I figured it was something she will need for cold weather.
And I've always wanted to make something out of that sweater!
It was a favorite in high school but got some stains and a couple little holes in it. I'm glad i decided to hang on to it. :)
By the way, the quote for today is one of my beloved's favorites.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

a walk with jane austen

For Christmas i was given a book called "a walk with Jane Austen" by Lori smith. i have gotten to about the middle of the book so far and am quite enjoying it. it makes me want to travel more, and also to re-read all of Austen's books. (which i received for Christmas last year! thanks mom!)
reading always takes me to another world that i have a hard time pulling myself away from. i revel in the distance from my own life and in disappearing into whatever subject i am reading. be it a romantic love story, a true story of historic events, a fantasy world that doesn't exist, i love pretending i am there. however, as i stated before, i have the hardest time pulling myself out of those worlds, i tend to act according to what i have just read and how it makes me feel. this might not be so strange were i all alone in the comfort of my house when it happens. but usually that is not the case, and so my dear husband must put up with my sudden moodiness as i brood over some fictional character's tragic situation, or my sudden desire to be disgustingly romantic and sentimental. i don't fully understand why i feel the need to take on the stories i have read as if they were my own, changing in and out of them like costumes. i begin to wonder if it's my love of costumes and the ability to change your character in life for a moment that causes me to do this. or is it a deep boredom of my own quiet life?
i am not entirely sure of the answer, and don't plan on changing. for now I'll just continue to disappear into books and enjoy every minute of it.
by the way, one of my favorite books in the fantasy genre is Inkheart by Cornelia Funke.
i just found out that it is being made into a movie! i'm so excited! :)