Thursday, January 24, 2008

My little family

Well, today was somewhat sad. My beloved had to deploy again. However thus is military life and I am determined to overcome! :)
We had been meaning to take a family picture ever since Christmas but it just never worked out and I kept forgetting.
Last night we stayed up till 2 am getting things ready for him to leave and spending time together.
Then we got up at 5 am so he could be at his ship on time.
And so, here we are, 5 am family picture!
I really insisted we take one since once he comes home Gwendolyn will be a different baby. They grow so quickly in the first year! oh and it is flying by!
I feel like I'm going to blink and we'll be celebrating her 1st birthday.
But enough of that, it just reminds me to slow down and take it all in, enjoying every moment and every stage of life.
And as for my husband leaving, I have some things to work on, larger projects etc... to keep me busy. As well as a trip home to see family.
And so even though I am feeling a little lonely about now, just knowing I won't see him for so long, I am happy and blessed just the same!
Thank God for peace which passes all understanding! :)