Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Today was my little man's early 3rd birthday.
Daddy is leaving on deployment and will miss it so we are celebrating a little early.
He enjoyed spending some time with his daddy in the garage. They both have an obsession with tools. :)

We did cupcakes as all children seem to love them!

He was so excited to eat one!
He had been talking about it all day. I made them while he was napping.
When he came down and was working in the garage with daddy he came into the kitchen about every 2-3 minutes to tell me about his birthday cupcakes. :)
Oh the joys of childhood!
Daddy liked his too!!! lol

So did I! :)

And now for the presents! We didn't do much due to Christmas and the fact that he's having a party with grandparents and cousins in a few weeks.
I love that he knows what to do with gifts now. :)
Here he is cuddling the sock monkey i made him.
I made one for baby sister Gwen for Christmas and he loved it and always talks about it and wants to play with it so i figured i'd better make one for him too.

And here are the cupcakes in a bowl with milk that i ate after he went to bed.
probably shouldn't have had them but they sure did taste yummy!
And hey, my official Diet/Workout plan doesn't start till my hubby leaves anyway!
Well that's all for today, off to bed now.