Monday, September 29, 2008

Ribbons and sparkly things!

I like ribbons, it's one of those things that is so versatile and so lovely!
I have a basket full as you can see, yet still i buy more! :D

i mentioned my trip to Micheals, well they always have this $1 ribbon section right up near the registers which usually adds a couple $s onto my final purchase.
I had bought some of the green/blue ribbon awhile back thinking it'd be lovely trim on a costume one day. well this time they had more so i got two more rolls as well as the brown and the creamy pinky one. the really fun part is that there are 5 yards on each spool! I would hope 15 yards would be enough to use as trim on a victorian bustle gown anyway! :)

I also thought i'd share with you my glitter letters. I had bought these last year while shopping with my sister in law Heather for some fun Christmas decorating supplies. (I like a silvery Christmas)

and so this time I purchased the gold ones for my fall decorations which i'm still waiting on inspiration to kick in to put up. lol :P
but they're lovely and perfect for fall!