Sunday, September 28, 2008

continued costume progress

Due to my sewing machine's lack of a zipper foot i have had to put Gwen's dress on hold till a trip to the fabric store again. (where hopefully i'll be able to find a zipper foot that will attach to my old machine!) In the mean time, as mentioned, we were keeping out eye on some "ruby slippers" for sale on Ebay. Well they ended up passing our $ limit so I went with plan B. Make my own!

I started with these shoes which we had bought for my sisters wedding. I figured that she hasn't worn them since and will just grow out of them soon anyway so I might as well put them to good use right! :)

After a quick trip to Michaels today and thanks to Martha Stewart, I was equipped with the necessary glitter and glitter glue.

And so, you have a home made version of ruby red slippers! I did them rather quickly this afternoon and need to go back after they've fully dried to do some touch up work and make sure all the excess glitter is removed but all in all i think they turned out quite nicely!