Friday, April 04, 2008


We had been wanting to buy this for some time now, having heard great and wonderful things about it and thinking it would be a fun series to own.
So when amazon was having a sale and we were able to get it for a mere $20! we pounced!

However, my beloved husband has made me promise not to open it and watch it till he comes home!
"Sure, I can do that for you love!" I said,
however now that it has arrived, came in the mail yesterday, I can't hardly stand it!
I want to watch it!!!!
yes, even now I am sorely tempted...
So, to end my agony I have decided to hide it somewhere where I don't have to look at it often but won't accidentally forget where it is entirely.
(wouldn't want to lose it you know)
And then we went to Blockbuster...
Gabriel chose....are you ready? Huge shocker!

He's in love with Stuart Little! watches them all the time!

I chose this one....

Haven't seen it but remembered hearing it was alright...
figured I'd give it a shot. :) I also rented some of the first season of
"The Tudors", not sure if it's any good but I know for a fact that the costumes are!
haha, I'm such a sucker for great costumes!
So yes, that's my plan, get my mind off of wanting so badly to watch great footage of my God's beautiful and glorious creations!