Tuesday, September 29, 2009

little critters

I've been steadily working away at this fun project for my sister's baby shower coming up in Oct. I'm making things for decorations that can also be used in the babies room after the party. So it all matches the bedding she picked out.

These are little wall stickers of the animals and such that the bedding features and you can view the entire room collection here on Babies R Us.

So I got the idea to make some of the little animals out of paper mache to set around on the table looking cute which can then be set on a shelf to look cute later. :) I got lots of good tips from this segment on Martha Stewart.
And so, started with making bases for my critters out of cardboard.

This is the fox and one of three owls, two little and one bigger.

Here is the bear after a first layer of paper mache. He was a bit more technical to figure out, I used a Styrofoam ball for the head and backs of the ears on a base of cardboard. but despite the lightweight Styrofoam he was top heavy and falling forward so I raided my husband's garage and came up with some very heavy washers which I placed in his hips to counter balance him.

and here you see a much more filled out bear, an owl and fox still in the process of building up and not pictured here but I also did as much with the other two owls and a raccoon.

I think one more night of paper mache will give everyone a finished plumpness and then I can move on to the paper clay step. I can't wait to start painting them though! they're gonna be so cute!!!

and here's a sneak peak at my next project for the shower...