Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter eggs and such...

My baby chicks decorating their eggs...

Gwen was adorably into it, she loved stirring and switching colors and checking on them...

Gabriel enjoyed it too but being a bit older was a little more serious about it, and patient. :)

Gwen was more like a little mad scientist trying it all and making a fantastic mess! note the pink fingers :D

there they are...the little jewels all fresh and pretty!
The next morning was Easter baskets and the egg hunt of course!

I love Gabriel's face in this one as he discovers the CANDY!

This little chick Gwen got is really cute, it has sensors on the bottom so when I put it in her hand it started to chirp. you can see how delighted she is. :)

Gabriel got a little finger puppet mouse, which now after recently watching "The Tale of Despereaux" is his new favorite toy.

Then began the hunt!

Gabriel had so much fun, we hid the eggs several times for him to find, he didn't want to stop.

Gwen was only interested the first round, and even then she mostly just thought we were putting things in the basket....see the Thomas train? :)

after that she just watched.
And then we attempted a sibling picture...

It kind of worked, I like it though because that's our kids! busy little people who hardly ever sit still! :D