Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"All of this God created for us to experience so that we could enjoy more fully the life that he prepared for us to know. He did not intend for these things to bring us fulfillment in themselves but to point beyond, to the Artist himself, in order to affirm his magnificence, his power, and his kindness and generosity in making our lives so full. He gave us a richly created world to help us know him better."
"God made all that he made in all of his creation to demonstrate the reality of his existence and the vastness of his personality and the reality of his glory."

-an excerpt from "The Mission of Motherhood" by Sally Clarkson

The past couple mornings I've woken up to a beautiful morning chorus of birds outside. It instantly turns my heart to God, my creator. So when I read the above paragraph I felt like sharing it with someone. Take some time today, everyday, to stop and appreciate what God created for you. Take in the amazing perfection and creativity then proudly state to someone, "My God did that!" Trust me, it's really fun! :D Happy Tuesday!

image from inphotos.org