Sunday, May 04, 2008

my little ones....

So I figure it's about time to update my blog,
and since my life is all about my children these days that's what you get!
Here is Gabriel with the unstoppable duo,
"Woody and Buzz"!
Here is Gwendolyn climbing the stairs,
A new accomplishment, but one that only ever goes so far.
She always gets to the second stair and then gives up.Gabriel snuggling on the couch...watching "Bob the Builder" of course!
Gwendolyn playing,
her smile can brighten any day!
Ahhhhh, sleeping children, who doesn't love that?!
Though this little hand ought to be captured forever.
For all to soon it will grow and change,
These are all from yesterday, we played and played and they went straight to bed! :)
My little man,
Love his little feet!
He's my little monkey!
Gwen was quite interested in this rake.
I think she played with it most of the afternoon.
She sits like this a lot!
My little lady :)
look closely at the upper right hand corner,
note the tongue,
He gets it from his papa :)
(neither Nathan or i stick our tongues out while concentrating)
Awww, are we done already?
sorry no more pictures for today...