Tuesday, May 15, 2007


so i have officially hit the nesting stage of pregnancy! sat. i cleaned my entire house from top to bottom, i couldn't stop myself! on mother's day i skipped out on church and started to paint our mini crib. it belonged to my husband when he was a baby. we used it for Gabriel but it needed a little pick-me-up color. didn't have a lot on hand but happened to have enough yellow paint to get the job done. the bars are actually darker than the rest but i kind of like it that way. ;)
so what you see here are the before and after pic.s the before really makes it look better than it was, trust me!
on Monday a friend offered to take Gabriel for a morning and i went fabric shopping for the reg. crib. my mom is making the bedding for me and I'm heading up to her house this weekend. so i wanted to have the fabrics so we can get started on the project! it took some time and a lot of looking and re-looking but i finally settled and chose the stack you see. the stuff in the green picture is the main blanket that I'm planning on adding some extra trim, ribbon etc... to. and below it is the dust-ruffle that we are also going to add a little something too.
the bigger challenge in picking colors and such is that i want it to be girly but she'll be sharing a room with her big brother. i haven't done much in his room since he moved into a twin bed and will be doing his stuff at the same time. but i want it all to match and flow nicely while still maintaining gender differences. add to that the fact that I'm picky and had a look i wanted it was a little more challenging. :) but I'm excited about what i got and can't wait to continue collecting and preparing for our dear Gwendolyn's arrival! don't worry I'll be posting my progress along the way! :)
and finally, i have a dear friend who lives back home(where my parents live and where i grew up). i suddenly felt like making a canvas collage for her, and I'm trying to get it done before i go this weekend. her bedroom is red,black and white. the white is what's proving to be a little harder since i tend to make things look old. never much real white in my art, usually creams and beige's. not to mention that i use a lot of old paper which of course is because it's aged and old, not white and new! so it's been a good challenge! here is a picture of the work in progress. enjoy!