Sunday, May 06, 2007

back to work

well, i finally got some inspiration and decided i had the time to get back into art. it's been a busy month since my husband left, but that was done on purpose so i wouldn't get to lonely and go crazy! :)
a few days ago i went onto pamela garrisons blog, (as i do quite regularly)i was struck my her post on art fiber fest. specifically the fabric journal. it took a couple days still to get my head in gear with my body and schedule but now i'm thrilled to be back at it. creating is so much fun!!! so thank you pam, though i doubt you'll ever read this. i'm hoping to create my own fabric journal soon, my plan is to use the scraps of fabric left from my daughter's bedding. my mom is going to make it all for me! i'm so excited and am now on the look out for the perfect fabric combos. anyway, just wanted to update my blog since it's been yet another month!