Monday, August 10, 2009

big kids

It happens so gradually really, but as a parent you feel like you blink and suddenly your life is so different from what it was a moment ago. For while I can look back over the past 4 1/2 years of my motherhood and remember many sweet and not so sweet moments and fully realize that those years have still feels like yesterday I had a preemie baby in my arms, with nothing better to do with my time but hold him and admire his cuteness. Or our trip to see Daddy graduate from boot camp. Welcoming Daddy home to meet his 3 month old daughter. Watching Gabriel take his first steps in our kitchen...and just two years later the same with Gwendolyn.

The point is, as we sat at the counter eating our lunch today, I looked at my kids and blink, they are suddenly so grown up! I am fully aware that this will happen continually throughout our lives, and that the next time I blink they'll be in jr. high or something crazy! :) But I'll continue to enjoy each moment and stage of life that we're in. Because it really does go by so fast.
on a mommy must brag note, Gabriel is now sleeping through the night without pull ups! and I have ordered a special dinosaur related prize to celebrate the event. I've also decided to start potty training Gwendolyn. I guess the thought of not having to buy pull ups any more got me thinking about not having to buy diapers one day. The things that motivate, I tell ya! :)