Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Birthday Girl...

Warning, there are a lot of pictures in this post!

Yesterday we celebrated the first year of Gwendolyn Marrin's sweet and precious life!
Here are some recent pictures i've taken of her over the last week...
As for her birthday party,
we started with present opening...

She enjoyed looking at her card and her new bible themed flash cards
And her new "baby" since we lost the old one,
this time it's a small pink elephant!
she wasn't so sure about this one though...

Ah, clothes!

Gabriel made himself useful
she liked the clothing tags

And then, the cake!
which is topped with my own first birthday cake topper!

she was excited and liked us singing....actually i was the only one who sang but whatever!
the tentative touch
still not completely sure
maybe a bigger bite?
then the sugar began to set in....
Over all it was a good first birthday cake i think! :)

We love you Gwenny Girl!
We are so thankful and blessed that God has gifted us with your life!