Monday, October 15, 2007

fall decor

some fall decor for you (heather) i had fun getting to decorate this year for fall, it's not much but makes the house feel warmer and cozier. i stole the cabinet door idea from my sister in law, but then added the leaves. it looks so much better than all the cds and dvds stored behind it. :) the wreath was a Micheal's buy, i added the leaves, and such. all the little pictures are pics of houses, so i covered some chip board letters in black glass glitter and spelled out home. the garland of leaves is hanging on a metal wall decoration, which i found on an old bed frame out in the middle of no where while four wheeling with my husband. but because of the fact that is was previously attached to a bed it has eight little squares to help screw it down. the top four i was able to cover with the leaves but the ones on the bottom were harder to hide. so wallah! i made some letters that spell fall! :) they aren't done super well, it did it in an afternoon and just wanted to get it done, but it's better than looking at the little squares and wondering what they are there for? :) anyway, there you go heather, hope you enjoyed it. ;)